Rowton Hall Hotel, Chester

Type:  Accommodation

Overall rating: 3.5/5

Date of visit: October 2013

Web link:


Price (2/5)

We visited the hotel using a gift voucher.  The standard room rates at the time of our visit were £135 and this did not include breakfast.  Personally, I would not pay this full amount for a room at this hotel as I felt this was a little overpriced.


Facilities (4/5)

The hotel has a medium-size main car park with an additional overflow car park (however during the rainy season this may be difficult to access).  The outside of the hotel was quite impressive and in keeping with the surroundings.  The reception, dining hall and other rooms downstairs were well presented.  The hotel had spa facilities but we did not have an opportunity to use them as every time we visited the spa reception it was unmanned, so we could not make any bookings.  This happened throughout our two-day stay.  There was also a bar with a comfortable seating area and a good sized dining room (where breakfast was also served).

The room that we were allocated fell short of the high expectations the main building had set for us.  The room itself was of an adequate size and comprised of a double bed, storage units, desk and a table, a side table with comfy chairs, small TV and an en-suite bathroom.  Whilst the room itself was tidy there were some areas that had been missed by the cleaning team – including a cob web right next to the tea and coffee tray and a few other insects that introduced themselves during our stay.

The bed itself was very comfortable and had an array of pillows!  I was impressed with the biscuits that were provided on the tea and coffee tray and also that there was enough milk and coffee/tea bags for more than a couple of drinks each.  These were replenished each day (including the biscuits!).

The bathroom was a good size with a shower/bath, toilet, storage, sink and heated hand towel rail.  The shower was quite powerful – which was definitely a plus.  Interestingly, the bathroom had a TV encased in a unit, I assume for those who like to watch TV whilst having a bath.


Location (3/5)

The hotel is in Rowton, Chester and is located on Whitchurch Road.  It is accessible by car (and helicopter!).  The main rail station is around 3 miles from the hotel.  The hotel is located off the main road which makes it quite and relaxing, however, it also makes it unsafe to walk back to the hotel in the dark after a stroll, as it is along a country lane.


Food/Drink (4/5)

We had dinner at the hotel on our first night and breakfast both mornings of our stay.  There was a set menu for the dinner and whilst it was a little more expensive that we would like to normally pay the food itself was delicious.  We had a steak and a pan-fried chicken dish for the main followed by stick toffee pudding.  Both courses were served quickly, the food was filling and of a high quality.  The breakfast was also served from a menu but you could choose your items, however, I am a fan of beans with a full English and these were not offered at this hotel.


Service (4/5)

The staff we encountered were friendly, professional and welcoming.  The waiters for the evening meal were well-presented and professional in their service.



I would recommend a visit to the hotel to use the facilities, such as the spa or to dine, but not their accommodation.  I felt the room was not large or clean enough to warrant the price it was set at.


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